Principal's Welcome

Principal’s Welcome

I am really pleased that you have chosen Erdington Hall for your child and look forward to working in partnership with you to ensure the very best possible start to your child’s education.


We will ensure that your child achieves their full potential as a valued member of the school community. We will expect them to achieve high standards of work and behaviour, build good relationships and develop a sense of responsibility. We will provide regular homework, making it clear how you can help, and create opportunities for you to become involved in the daily life of the school. We will provide you with information about the curriculum and termly feedback on your child’s progress. We will be open and welcoming and work with you to meet the needs of your child. We will let you know if there are any concerns.


We need you to ensure that your child attends school on time every day and let us know immediately if they are unable to attend. We need you to provide encouragement and praise, and talk to your child about their day at school. We will expect you to listen to your child read regularly and support them with homework, and attend parents’ consultations. We know you will want to support us by following our guidelines on behaviour and let us know if you have any concerns about your child or if they have any specific needs.


We look forward to working with you.

Richard Simcox, Principal