Values & Ethos

At Erdington Hall we are a diverse and multi-cultural family, we aim to recognise the commonality of all our community as human beings whilst celebrating our differences which bring a rich variety of experiences and understanding to our family.

We use values to help all members of our community to reflect on their rights and responsibilities within school. We expect that all of the community demonstrate these values to make Erdington Hall a productive and caring place for learning. In turn this helps us to allow every individual to make the most of their unique talents.

Our school values:

Cooperation Respect
Appreciation Responsibility
Caring Trust
Peace Hope
Courage Honesty
Love Understanding
Patience Quality
Simplicity Thoughtfulness
Friendship Humility
Happiness Unity
Freedom Tolerance


Erdington Hall adopt a restorative approach to supporting children with managing and dealing with conflict, helping pupils to take responsibility for creating a peaceful environment in which to learn and grow. Complimenting this is our focus on teaching children skills that support their learning with a strong focus upon, perseverance, collaboration and the development of meta-cognition.

We strive to provide the very best for pupils in all areas of the curriculum by engaging pupils in a curriculum that is led by clear outcomes, driven by purpose and taught by responsive teachers who know the need of their pupils.